A good website should be clean, clear and easy to navigate. And it should also cater for the individuality every client is looking for.

Your website should represent you and your company's needs and not some generic template.

We design websites with a strong and clean look that reinforces your company's own image.

  W..E..B..S..I..T..E ,,,,,,D..E..S..I..G..N ,,,,,,O..P..T..I..O..N..S

Whether you require something basic or a fully functional Ecommerce site, we can create the website suitable for you.

For customers who simply need a basic website design…

 - Upto 4 pages -
 - 4 images per page -
 - Your own logo added -
 - Your email address linked -
 - Meta tags added -
 - Submitted to search engines -

Website design for the above $500

Please note: The above price does not include logo design

H..O..S..T..I..N..G ,,,,,,..F..O..R ,,,,,,..T..H..E ,,,,,,..A..B..O..V..E

To host your website

- 12 months hosting -
- X3 email boxes - 
- Unlimited email forwarding -
- 1 GB traffic/per month -
 - 20 MB hosting disk space -
  - Technical support -

12 month website hosting for a small business $120

  E..X..T..R..A ,,,,,,..R..E..Q..U..I..R..E..M..E..N..T..S

 - Additional pages $100 each - 

- Additional images $10 each - 

- Additional email boxes $5 each - 

- Domain name registration from $45 - 

- Animation from $300 -

- Ongoing corrections/additions charged at $35-00 per half hour -

  A..D..D..I..T..I..O..N..A..L ,,,,,,..S..E..R..V..I..C..E..S

- Larger websites may require alternative hosting packages -

- Back end coding required are quoted as extra work -

- Forms, tables and CGI scripts are also quoted as extra work -

  S..A..M..P..L..E ,,,,,..W..E..B..S..I..T..E..S
Crest Castle Bed & Breakfast
A websites for a Bed & Breakfast located in a suburb of Melbourne. It promotes the benefits of spending time in an unusual castle like building.
Boyz Cult
This is a website dedicated to the young male. Promoting products such as clothing, aftershave and tech products only a male can appreciate.
Opal Caravans
This is a caravan manufacturer website promoting the benefits of buying their quality products. It is clean and portrays the various caravans available.
Willsher Builders
This is a smaller website that promotes a builder of quality homes.
The above prices include GST and delivery to one Melbourne address
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